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“Ka-Ka-Ska-Ska” (“Headwaters to the Gulf” – in a kayak) is a very entertaining story of four friends’ adventure down the Mississippi River. The expedition was not a scheme to fulfill a lifelong fantasy of man against nature or even an attempt to satisfy an unruly midlife itch, but simply the result of an impulsive decision over a cup of coffee. With little thought to detailed planning, the foursome strikes out to conquer the third largest river in the world in kayaks. The chronological travelogue covers the highlights as they paddle through uninhabited wilderness and along the banks of river towns. This is not another boring guide book on how to paddle or where to paddle nor is it just a narrative of a sole expedition. Instead, the reader discovers a blend of colorful accounts of other paddling trips and a bit of history – all seasoned with humor. Anyone interested in the outdoors and/or travel who enjoys the lighthearted approach will love this book.

Explains and illustrates correct form for a variety of paddle strokes, rolls, ferries, and eddy turns. Includes everything from the basic forward stroke to the open canoe roll and the Capistrano flip. With information on reading water, rescuing, portaging, and playing developmental games.


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