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Our New favorite Canoe Paddle!!

Made by Accent, this extremely light weight but strong canoe paddle has a full carbon shaft, grip and a carbon reinforced blade.  Its' sleek beautiful black design  has an Off set blade. We call it an offset, because we don't feel it can be considered a true bent shaft.  It weighs only 16 oz and comes in sizes 48", 50", 52", and 54".  Extremely affordable and excellent quality. You won't be disappointed in this paddle!

Bending Branches Espresso Plus Paddle

Bending Branches blended beauty and performance to come up with the Espresso Plus canoe paddle!

This low-cost, no-frills paddle is indestructible. A long-time favorite of canoe liveries, it's also great for boyscout troops, camps, or anywhere that a paddle is likely to be subjected to rough handling. Aluminum shaft with plastic blade and hand grip.

# 73/4" blade. Weight:* 30 oz. Lengths: 51," 54," 57."


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