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Spring Creek Stabilizer Floats (Ethafoam/EF) - Complete Package for Kayak

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Gain paddling confidence by using our Spring Creek Kayak Stabilizer
floats for extra security in your boat
or turn your kayak into a stable fishing platform.

A one time installation is required to mount the brackets to your
kayak. Once installed, they can be removed or attached in seconds.

The Hydrodynamic floats will provide you
with less resistance in the water, however the Ethafoam floats
with provide the same amount of stability.

Most kayaks will use our kayak adapters to mount the
floats to their deck. If you have a large open cockpit
that is 65" or more, it may be possible to use our clamp
on Universal Receiver to attach to your boat. In this
case, no drilling would be necessary. Most kayaks will
require a 30" Universal Receiver, however any other
stock length is available. For an extra $10.00 a special length can be made.

If you have a sit-upon kayak and have no access panel
to get under the deck of your boat, then rubber
expandable nuts can be supplied to attach the kayak adapter brackets.

These floats are the same as our canoe Ethafoam Stabilizer
floats. The complete kit comes
with Ethafoam Floats, Float arms, Universal Receiver,
Kayak Adapters (or gunwale bracket, if you
have a larger cockpit) and brackets.

Customer Reviews
Zane Perry
I give this out fit a high rating. I had a set for my canoe and really liked them. They kept me from turning over in whitewater with a motor on the side of my canoe.
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