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$297.00 - $551.00
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By design, a canoe is too narrow for efficient rowing. Boat oars propel your canoe using Spring Creek's rowing outriggers which extend the canoe's pivot points. You will experience power, control and increased stability. The most obvious gain is for a solo canoeist. One person can easily keep up with two paddlers, plus turn on a dime and handle a canoe in blowing wind. Family use is also inhanced. With one in the rowing seat, all passengers can fully injoy the outdoor experience. The middle seat is most flexible, but front seat rowing is a good option when traveling with two people. Our rowing package fits any canoe including Ultra lites and solos, and accepts optional floats if purchased with a double tube UR.

ATTACHES easily to ANY canoe with our gunwale clamps. NO drilling necessary!!!

**EACH PACKAGE INCLUDES** - Take down spoon oars and pins, Rowing Units, UR (universal receiver) and a middle seat.

After choosing package - Please specify below - 7' or 7.5' oars, UR length, Seat Yoke color (if ordering package with a seat yoke)

Package # 1 Includes - Spring Creek's Seat Yoke - No floats are included in this package.


Package # 2 Includes - Spring Creek's Seat Yoke and our Etha Foam Floats.


Package # 3 Includes - Spring Creek's Drop in Seat - No floats are inluded in this package.


Package # 4 Includes - Spring Creek's Drop in Seat and our Etha Foam Floats.


Package # 5 Includes - Spring Creek's Seat Yoke with our Hydrodynamic Floats.


Package # 6 Includes - Spring Creek's Drop in Seat with our Hydrodynamic Floats.


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