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The WindPaddle™ is a self-launching, free-standing sail for kayaks, canoes, sit-on-tops, paddle boards, and other small watercraft.

With the lowest center of gravity of any kayak/canoe sail available, the WindPaddle is the safest sail you can buy!

Weighing only 13 ounces (the Adventure model), the WindPaddle stows on deck in a small folded coil 1/8th its deployed size.

The WindPaddle usually requires NO modifications to your boat. Instead, it clips quickly and easily to existing deck lines or hardware.

Combine this with the ability to be quickly launched and doused while out on the water, you have a safest, easiest-to-use sail available for small watercraft sailing!!

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The WindPaddle Adventure kayak sail brings the allure of wind-powered boating to your recreational or touring kayak. Set sail for adventure and enjoy the freedom of the wind!

Just released August 2008, the WindPaddle Cruiser Sail is our largest-sized sail, with a 50% larger sail area.


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