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Upgrade your old float arm knobs with our NEW better locking Cam Lever knob kit.

Same as our large UR Clamps but for the single tube rowing. 

These clamps fit a 1 3/8" bar.


Pair of our New and Improved Stabilizer float Arms.

New better locking Cam lever knob!

One Standard replacement Float.

Designed and manufactured by Spring Creek in northern MN.
These very durable foam floats will provide you will all the safety and stability you will ever need!



$219.00 - $230.00

Polyethylene molded floats will provide you with all the safety and stability you will ever need! They come with our Universal Receiver and clamps to attach quickly and easily to any canoe! Hydrodynamic floats are a better choice when motoring, sailing or kayaking.

$319.00 - $329.00

Gain paddling confidence by using our Spring Creek Kayak Stabilizer floats for extra security in your boat or turn your kayak into a stable fishing platform. A one time installation is required to mount the brackets to your kayak. Once installed, they can be removed or attached in seconds.

$50.00 - $60.00

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