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Spring Creek's Suction Cup Rack. Universal!

Upgrade your old float arm knobs with our NEW better locking Cam Lever knob kit.

Designed and manufactured by Spring Creek in northern MN.
These very durable foam floats will provide you will all the safety and stability you will ever need!



$219.00 - $230.00

Spring Creek's very first Product!

Very comfortable ~ Dual Use!

Best Seller!


One Tuff Truck Rack   (Price is for ONE RACK)

One of the most versatile clamp on truck racks on the market today! It can hold up to 650 lbs. From lumber, ladders, canoes, kayaks, etc. Use our truck rack accessories to customize your hauling needs. Made of the highest grade aluminum and stainless materials. NEW and IMPROVED Pull-Pin for ease of positioning loading bar. Loading bar will extend up to 20" with 2" increments.

Our New favorite Canoe Paddle!!

Made by Accent, this extremely light weight but strong canoe paddle has a full carbon shaft, grip and a carbon reinforced blade.  Its' sleek beautiful black design  has an Off set blade. We call it an offset, because we don't feel it can be considered a true bent shaft.  It weighs only 16 oz and comes in sizes 48", 50", 52", and 54".  Extremely affordable and excellent quality. You won't be disappointed in this paddle!


Polyethylene molded floats will provide you with all the safety and stability you will ever need! They come with our Universal Receiver and clamps to attach quickly and easily to any canoe! Hydrodynamic floats are a better choice when motoring, sailing or kayaking.

$319.00 - $329.00

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